What is PTSD?

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What is PTSD?

Post by Alpha Operator on Sat Aug 15, 2015 1:04 pm

Progress Through Self Destruction:

This is the start of a movement, a spark to end what social media has become. This is not a group to just post your music, pages, etc blindly. This is a group that will have order, a rhyme and a reason.The goal is to have a group that actual functions as a group, not a solo effort. A group that no matter where you go as far as events involving music, we will all be one. It's a collaborative effort. It's about hungry people who want to do this for a living, being committed to your craft and finding people who feel the same. It's a place to vibe and be creative and do collaborate with each other and to progress. A place to get and give feedback and critiques on the artists involved. You should be open to constructive criticism. Lets make this competitive, lets make this fun but also lets make music and bond while doing that. Lets sharpen our pen game and prove that we really wanna be recognized as MC's.

Battles are also encouraged, if you wanna get at someone for trashing your writtens or whatever, what better way than to come at each other in front of other artists.

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